Enfo's TS:MT 2.01
Released on December 20th, 2020 by LP Team
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Bugs fixed:
Time Lapse now stop all monsters from moving.
Ahlen - Kaith’Audru: lifesteal now correctly stacks with Thirsting Blade.
Barbarian - Everlid’s Rage: tooltip fixed.
Magic Infuser - Empower Bracers, Empower Hammer, and Empower Axe: now only trigger on successful attacks.
Moonmage: glow fixed.
Ethereal Shield: tooltip updated.
Stone Axe: now lasts for 30 instead of 29 hits.
Uthmor’s Skullcleaver and Uthmor’s Mirrorblade: tooltip fixed.
Game mode -draft: timer fixed.
Sharedbounty mode is now set as default.
Revive timers added to the multiboard. Visible for team members only.
-zoom XXXX command added (from 1000 to 2500).
-z.far command set to default (= -zoom 2500).
-nosb command added to deactivate shared bounty.
-autopool command added to enable autopool mode
(auto pool will send 90% of your gold to a designated team mate at the beginning of every wave).
-pool #### command added (numbers 1-10 or colors red/blue/etc.).
-pool off command added to stop pooling gold (same as -nopool and -unpool).
-keep #### command added to specify amount of gold kept.
-keep off command added to pool default 90%.
Wave 23 - Giant Black Leucro. Hitpoints increased from 7700 to 8500
Wave 28 - Skeletal Sailor. Damage reduced from 1700-2145 to 1450-1820
Wave 30 - Adan'f Blood Warrior. Poison duration reduced from 10 to 5 s
Wave 40 - S'sugi Malchata. Animation cast point increased from 0 to 0.75
Changes concerning hero abilities will be displayed for levels 1/4/7/10.
Ahlen - Marcus. Attack cooldown time reduced from 1.2 to 1.05 s.
Bard - Lady Peorth. Nexus: cooldown increased from 90 to 100 s.
Bard - Lady Peorth. Call of the Siren: cooldown increased from 79/76/73/70 to 85 s
Cabalist - Ardesco. Fireball: stun duration increased from 4 to 5 s
Cabalist - Ardesco. Fireball: manacost reduced from 20/54/150/413 to 25/40/120/250.
Cabalist - Ardesco. Mantle of Flames: AoE increased from 225 to 250.
Cabalist - Ardesco. Mantle of Flames: dmg increased from 50/320/860/1670 to 50/350/1010/2030.
Cleric - Aarshna. Armor type changed from Heavy to Fortified.
Cleric - Aarshna. Bless Soul: AoE increased from 900 to 2000.
Cleric - Aarshna. Aesrela Everild: AoE increased from 450 to 500.
Holy Warrior - Grake. Fallen One: Aoe increased from 315/360/405/450 to 345/405/465/525.
Holy Warrior - Grake. Fallen One: cooldown reduced from 300/255/210/165 to 300/240/180/120.
Hypnotist - Xentago. Attack range increased from 300 to 350.
Hypnotist - Xentago. Hallucination: damage reduced from 100/145/190/234 to 100/130/160/190%.
Hypnotist - Xentago. Hallucination: manacost increased from 30/39/48/57 to 30/40/64/116.
Shadow Priest - Xeen. Shadow Art Mastery: Heal reduced from 150/600/1050/1500 to 100/400/700/1000.
Shadow Priest - Xeen. Greater Hallucination: now heals 6/24/42/60% of the target’s hitpoints.
Spiked Tree - Oak. Poison Gas: duration increased from 20 to 30 s.
Time Mage - Anduin. Time Lapse: duration reduced from 35 to 30 s.
Time Mage - Anduin. Time Lapse: cd increased from 180/165/150/135 to 190/175/160/110 s.
Trader - Odo. Caravan Bomb: damage increased from 1500/5062/17085/57665 to 1500/5585/20800/77459.
Sidhlot. Manacost reduced from 250 to 200.
Polished Elven Telo. Damage increase from 120 to 150.
Hisan Salve and Greater Hisan Salve (Trader shop item). Shared cooldown removed (but still only one can be active at the time.
New/useful commands displayed at start.
Game mode commands displayed for red only.
Cheat warning message modified.
Warning for friendly fire modified.
Enfo's TS:MT 2.0
Released on October 4th, 2020 by LP Team
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Reforged-bugs fixed:
Faenrae Champion’s Dark Hand Curse cooldown mechanic fixed.
Speed of camera motion caused by Glythtide’s Gift corrected.
Loading-screen working again.
Unit-colour of creeps reversed to original grey.
1.93 bugs fixed:
Right lane creeps on both sides use spells again.
Tooltips corrected for Uthmor’s Mirror Blade and Dark Hand Curse.
Hotkeys fixed for Gar Zeng, Fireball, Tingle and Heroic Strength.
Movement issues of Arcane Mistress solved.
-z.norm command does no longer cancel Glythtide’s Gift’s camera motion effect.
Ranger cannot lose Favored Enemy ability anymore in a rematch.
Changes made:
New loading-screen.
Enfo's TS:MT 1.93 (Original)
Released on October 30th, 2011 by MT Team