Welcome to the Enfo's MT Guide!
Here you will find information about the best and most balanced Team Survival map ever made! Heroes, skills, monsters and some game mechanics.

Since the creators of Enfos MT are not active anymore and have closed down their community, we decided to create this website for raw information about the map.

New release: Enfos TS:MT 2.01

Our first goal was to make a clean copy of the original 1.93 version without some major bugs, and the 2.00 version was released, it has now been hosted almost 3000 times, in a period of 11 weeks (according to www.wc3maps.com). Now we have taken the next step and made a version with plenty of balancing, some practical features and more bug fixes. Go to Download tab to see comeplete list of patch notes.

Best Regards, LP Team